Aquatic Physical Therapy – More than Swimming Laps

Aquatic Physical Therapy (Pool Therapy) goes beyond swimming laps or wading in the water.   It is a proven form of treatment for many medical conditions.  Patients can take advantage of the gentleness of water to aid in rehabilitation or use its natural resistance to improve strength. For patients pre or post-joint replacement or those with arthritis, pain, fibromyalgia, spinal disorders or injuries, the pool is a valuable addition or even a replacement to traditional therapy.  The “Good News” is that you don’t need to know how to swim or even get your head wet to participate in Aquatic Therapy; in fact, you don’t need any swimming skills at all.  Just a positive attitude and swimsuit, our Physical Therapists will guide your treatment sessions step by step.  Rest assured, all of our therapists specialize in making each patient feel comfortable and safe in the water.  No matter if you’re a guppy or a Phelps!

When people first hear about Aquatic Therapy, we often hear questions like:

“How is doing my exercises in the water going to make me progress faster?”  
“How is walking in the water going to help me more than walking on land?”
Both are great questions.
Water has the specific properties of buoyancy, viscosity, hydrostatic pressure, and multi-directional resistance that air does not. Add the warmth of heated water and the benefits of aquatic therapy include:
  • Increased circulation
  • Relaxation
  • Decreased swelling, stress, and compression on joints

Each of these results in easier and less painful motion and movements of the body.

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