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Aquatic (Pool) Therapy  is a well established and very successful form of physical therapy treatment.  This program has incorporated the properties of buoyancy and resistance with warm water (90 degrees) to help diminish the effects of an injury or disease.  Our aquatic physical therapists have extensive training and experience specific to pool therapy.

We create an individualized treatment and exercise program targeted specifically to rehabilitate each patient’s injury or disease. Progressive aquatic exercise combined with manual therapy will facilitate our patients’ ability to gain full functional mobility and coordination. Specialized pool therapy equipment is available, and when used in conjunction with an un-weighted environment, patients are able to increase strength and endurance at a faster rate.

Our program is unique in that we offer a warm water environment which makes it easier and more pleasant for rehabilitation. This program is supervised and instructed by experienced physical therapy professionals, provides a positive emotional outlet and gives patients the opportunity to have fun while receiving treatment.

– What type of patients will benefit? –

Referral Process: Your primary care provider will determine if you are an appropriate candidate for warm water therapy and should provide you with a referral to an aquatic therapy program that is most convenient for you – Mercer Island, Puyallup or Lake Stevens. We have several excellent aquatic physical therapists who will perform evaluations and make specific recommendations for your pool program.

Fees: From an insurance standpoint, this program is covered as a physical therapy benefit and is a widely accepted form of treatment. Click here for more information about insurance programs that we accept.

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