Back Pain


Whether you are a weekend warrior, an extreme athlete or somewhere in between there is a strong chance you will eventually have to deal with back pain. Sitting at a computer, slipping on a wet floor, sneezing or even crawling into bed at night can put your back at risk for an injury. Most of the time back pain is brought on by excessive lifting, by overuse, a new activity or an accident. Other times back pain can be brought on by a pinched nerve, such as in a herniated disc. Our physical therapists can help relieve your symptoms of back pain by using manual therapy techniques, modalities and by teaching you stretching and strengthening exercises. They can also teach you proper sleeping positions, proper lifting techniques and help you learn to take care of your overall back health.

Below you will find a list of links for common diagnoses associated with back pain, all successfully treated with physical therapy.

- Participating Clinics -

These neighborhood physical therapy clinics provide Back Care, click to schedule an appointment or learn more.

Aquatic Therapy Center
Crossroads (Bellevue)
Issaquah (Lake Sammamish)
Lake Stevens
Mercer Island
North Bend
Palm Desert, CA
Puyallup (Meridian)
Puyallup (South Hill)
Puyallup (Summit)
Puyallup (Sunrise)
Redmond (Eastside)
Seattle (University)
Smokey Point (Marysville)
SoundCare Rehabilitation
Totem Lake (Kirkland)