Meet the Team

RET has been helping our patients back to life, work, and play since 1973.

How has our team lasted so long? We’ve remained dedicated to ongoing education and training, ensuring you get the highest quality of care possible.

With RET, you can have peace of mind knowing our team truly cares about your outcome and will help guide you through every part of the process of your recovery.

With a clear, personalized plan that’s designed specifically with your goals and limitations in mind, we’ll help you get back on the golf course, dance floor, or out and about with family.

While each member of the RET community has their own unique focus and specialties, we all hold a set of shared standards and beliefs when it comes to care. They include:

  • Treating you like family and providing ongoing support throughout your journey.
  • Getting to the root of your issue so that we can ensure your pain or dysfunction doesn’t recur.
  • Helping you be a healthier you with a personalized playbook designed to address your unique needs.

Not sure what exactly to look for in a therapist?

Make sure you’re getting the right therapy for your pain or dysfunction. Hear it straight from our experts! Then, click the links to get to know our team.