Diabetes and You

Today, more than 30 million people in the United States have diabetes.  In the last 20 years, the number of adults diagnosed with diabetes has more than tripled. Below we are going to highlight some simple exercises that should help you manage your diabetes symptoms.
Stationary Cycling
Bicycling is a form of aerobic exercise that is low impact, which does not put any pressure on your joints. Exercise improves the blood flow to the extremities and can slow the progression of neuropathy that often accompanies diabetes. Riding a stationary bike is also beneficial if you suffer from balance problems, or have lack of sensation in your lower extremities. While riding, you can easily catch up on reading, check your email or watch a tv show to make the time go by!
Swimming is also ideal for people with type 2 diabetes as it is another aerobic low impact activity. Very often diabetes reduces blood flow to the small blood vessels of the extremities and you can lose sensation in your feet as a result. Special shoes made for use in the pool may also be helpful in preventing scraped feet and lessen the risk of slipping.
Strength Training
If you lose muscle mass, your body has a harder time maintaining your blood sugar. Strength training should incorporate all major muscle groups and can be performed with your body weight, resistance bands, dumbbells, or machines.
Want to learn more about how physical therapy can help you cope with diabetes? Our Physical Therapists will set up a program to fit to you and your lifestyle.  Call one of our neighborhood physical therapy clinics, or click this link to schedule an appointment today!

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