Fiercely fast fingers causing texting trauma

When texting first entered our world, it was a series of “lol” “brb” and “:).” With the improvement of smartphones and usage of apps instead of computers, shorthand texting has been replaced with longhand leaving us typing full sentences on small devices with fiercely fast fingers.

Email, social media, and messaging take up a great deal of our time, but all of that quick, short, movements in our fingers can leave us in pain. The most common ailment caused by over usage of buttons and touch screens is Carpal Tunnel.

Common Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel:

  1. Numbing/ Tingling
  2. Waking from sleep due to discomfort
  3. Weakness

Ways physical therapy can help:

  1. Correct wrist/hand postures/movement mechanics with aggravating activities
  2. Myofascial massaging for which releases pressure on the median nerve
  3. Median nerve glides to improve neural mobility
  4. Wrist flexor and hand stretching

We know you won’t be quick to give up your digital communication, so keep your eye out for those signs, stretch, and give us a call for prevention or solutions.


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