Common Household Items for Physical Therapy

We love the equipment we have at our clinics because they make doing all of your exercises easy and quick. There are a lot of new and exciting techniques we discover all the time, but did you know you can perform your Physical Therapy just as easy with a few quick household items? Sometimes, simple is better.

A gallon of milk–great to practice correct biomechanics with lifting and carrying, or performing squat. If you’re not a lactose consumer, the same applies for juices or water.

A phone book or medium weight book–helpful to perform exercises prescribed to help strengthen the muscles of your shoulder, arms, and core.  It can also be helpful to strengthen the muscles of your hips and surrounding your knees by practicing stepping up onto the book and back down with proper form. Not a reader? Try soup cans or bags of flour!

A full water bottle–typically weighs 1-2 lbs depending on size, and can be perfect for performing specific shoulder stabilization exercises. Make sure to drink some too -hydration is always a good idea! Then refill and go again.

A belt or jump rope–perfect to perform stretches for the muscles of your legs including your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and hip flexors. In some cases even a few scarves tied together will do the trick.

Make your grocery bill work for you, you need milk in your cereal anyway!

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