Success Stories

Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)


“I injured my neck and shoulder at work and was having a hard time recovering.  My doctor had sent me to physical therapy and massage at another PT office, but I was not able to return to work and I was experiencing significant pain.  I had to take pain medication, I was unable to care for my house, go grocery shopping, care for my 3 boys, care for my brother who is handicapped, or work my job as a surgical nurse.  My doctor and case manager decided to put me in the work conditioning program at Meridian Physical Therapy.  It was a very hard program for me.  Five days a week, two hours a day, it was painful and VERY empotional...but it worked.  I can now go grocery shopping and clean my house.  I can keep up with my three boys (11, 8, and 6 years old). My brother is back at my house.  I can get his wheelchair in and out of his van, wheel him up and down a step, across the yard, transfer, and care for him.  Most of all I can work without pain and pay the bills to support my family doing the job that I love.  I really thought I would not be able to work as a nurse again.  I am so happy to have strength again and have my life back.”
Puyallup (Summit)


“The staff here has been the most pleasant staff. Smiles are important and it can make or break someone’s day, even at my lowest of days coming in has been an uplift. Thanks for being there for the community.”
North Bend (North Bend Physical Therapy)

Redmond (Eastside Physical Therapy)


“ I am an avid golfer, so when I broke my arm just five weeks before a family vacation to Arizona for pool, golf, and baseball...I was disappointed.  The great news was that two weeks before leaving Jessica got me back in shape.  Vacation was a success and my arm is nearly fully recovered.  Thank you to Jessica and the Eastside PT team. ”
Seattle (University Physical Therapy)


“Very professional and very comfortable place! The THERAPISTS really focus on their clients injuries. They recognize when how long the healing process could take. I just recommend this place to anyone in need to heal!! Great place!”
Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)


“ Amanda came to Meridian Physical Therapy after having surgery on her foot.  When she first started she lacked the movement to walk and the strength as well.  She is now running as well as walking.  We would recommend Meridian Physical Therapy because of the staff here, they were great! Thank you Dr. Salton for sending us here! ”
North Bend (North Bend Physical Therapy)

Jeff N

“Travis PT, was the only professional to correctly assess my month old detached biceps tendon.”
Smokey Point / Marysville (Reaction Physical Therapy)


“ The entire staff both full time and part time were more than I expected.  They were knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and caring.  I have recommended them to several people.  They really made my sessions enjoyable, never boring or tedious.  I know this may sound strange, but I would actually look forward to going again, if ever needed.  They kept me well advised about future appointments.  Kept themselves physically fit and the office and exercise areas were always spotless, yet ever so professional.  Thank You! ”
North Bend (North Bend Physical Therapy)

Kim H

“When I was at my wits end and not sure how I was going to regain my mobility I found North Bend Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehabilitation. I am so impressed with the level of knowledge and how they are able to pass the information along so that I understand. I was given exercises to do at home so that I can continue to improve and be ready for what is planned on my next visit. The care that is displayed during my sessions is reassuring and assures me I am in the proper place to ensure that I have strength and mobility to enjoy an active life. ”
Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)


“ I started coming to Meridian Physical Therapy after suffering a really large contusion on my left calf after being struck with a baby gate.  I was having a lot of pain walking and running and even putting any pressure on the back of my leg, for example squatting down, climbing in and out of bed, etc.  After 3 weeks of sessions I am running without pain and my contusion is almost completely healed.  I appreciate Bill and all the staff here for helping me get back to my normal self in such a short amount of time.  I would definitely recommend Meridian Physical Therapy to anyone.  I also appreciate Dr. Dan Haun for referring me to Bill and his practice.  ”