Success Stories

Totem Lake (Kirkland)


“The team gets to know you quickly and knows how to "gently" but firmly keep you progressing back to health. I also like it that the staff remembers your name. Every time, and that a plan is made for your care with the first visit. They are truly a team with great communication and have fun at work which makes it a fun environment to make it through the treatments/exercises. A realistic plan and expectations for your future with whatever your injury may be. Love them all and miss going.”
Palm Desert Physical Therapy And Golf Center


“I came to the desert with severe pain in my buttoxks.  I had back surgery a year ago and a device was placed in my back.  I had no hope of success but went through with the therapy anyway. Lo and behold, I have little to no pain left!  Thank you Gino, Jessica and Barbara.”
North Bend Physical Therapy


“ I started physical therapy in mid June, following ACL repair and a partial knee replacement surgery on my left knee is in late may.  Travis and Scott educated me in the fact that it was not going to happen overnight, I needed to be patient, ACL rehab takes longer than knee, so it was going to be a challenge.  We would need to push hard to get my muscles stronger and my knee in good shape, but always being careful of my ACL.  They were helpful and patient with me as scar tissue pain gave me trouble at times and knew different treatment to help me through that.  Also taught me the way I walked, taking bigger strides would help with some of the pain I was having.  They always explained where I was and what to expect next, and "Yes" it would stop hurting soon, which it did!! I always looked forward to going to PT even though thats all I did all summer.  Thank you for helping me feel like me again.  I am back at work and so happy. ”
Eastside Redmond Physical Therapy


“ You are absolutely cooperative, helpful, courteous, and very caring.  Always very neat and clean.  If we ever need PT, we will come back to you. ”
Totem Lake (Kirkland)


“ I love coming each week! Have been coming to Totem Lake PT for years and recommend this place every chance I get. ”
Meridian Physical Therapy In Puyallup


“ I was completely satisfied with the services received from my therapist.  They treated me with respect, they were concerned and answered my questions.  I only had two days off a week, made it easy to schedule for the times and the days I needed.  I would very much recommend Meridian Physical Therapy to anyone.  ”
Snoqualmie Physical Therapy



“ Great program and wonderful staff. I would highly recommend to others. ”
Mercer Island Physical Therapy

Susanne and Bruce Foster

“Thank you so much for your extraordinary help with our son’s injury. You supported him and our family mentally and medically. You gave us all positive thoughts and hope beyond traditional approaches. You were amazing in turning our son’s outlook to a positive one, and capturing how he thinks! We very much appreciate your great efforts!”
Totem Lake (Kirkland)


“I was scheduled for a double knee replacement on December 31st, and began intensive PT both at Totem Lake and at the Aquatic center. Surgery was a success, and it was not long before I was back  for weekly PT where I continue today. I cannot begin to say how incredible the staff has been at both sites! Lisa Ramos, my talented PT at Totem Lake Physical Therapy and Debbie Huisingh- Doyle at the Aquatic Center are fantastic. Everytime I walk in, it's like walking into Cheers (minus the alcohol of course)! All of the staff greets me by name, tells me how great I look and how well I am doing. Talk about a huge spirit lifter! They continue to motivate me to push harder and remember where I was, where I am now- and to keep looking forward! I often feel like the Little Engine that could- "I think I can, I think I can, I know I can!" This is all because of the entire staff at Totem Lake and the Aquatic Center. I am deeply grateful.”