Success Stories


“Thank you! You have made my experience extremely comfortable, treasuring of my physical situation. They have been so kind, friendly and professional. Will recommend to anyone I talk to in Palm Desert.”
North Bend (North Bend Physical Therapy)

Smokey Point / Marysville (Reaction Physical Therapy)


“ My name is Keith Warman.  I have had nine surgeries in the last 36 months for different types of injuries, mostly my shoulders and my right knee.  Before I met Jim Romo, and his staff, I was being treated by an assembly line physical therapist company.  When that company stopped all active treatment, I stopped seeing them, and found a new hands-on approach that Jim gives every patient, One on One, undivided attention.  Jim Romo is responsible for any progress I have made, and I feel good.  I doubt that I would be able to do what I can, without his help.  So, get out of the assembly line and get the personal attention you should have had in the first place.  Go see Reaction Physical Therapy at Smokey Point!!! ”
Lake Stevens (Reaction Physical Therapy)

Rocky W.

“Two years ago I began to feel pain in my left knee that reached its height when I was hobbling off Mt. Pilchuck in January. I was unable to climb or hike without experiencing sharp pains in my IT band, the fascia that runs from my hip to my knee on the outside of my left leg. I worked with Lauren twice a week for the last two months and am back to climbing, hiking, and walking PAIN FREE! I am not only back to my old self, I fell younger in my joints, hips, knees, and ankles! I haven’t felt so good after a workout since I was in high school. Thank you Lauren for making me feel better! You made it fun too!”
Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)


“ I was referred to get physical therapy for my right shoulder.  When I started I had constant pain in my shoulder and upper arm.  I can now use my arm without pain and do almost anything with my arm.  I recommend Meridian Physical Therapy to everyone and anyone.  The staff is very helpful and caring for their patients.  ”
Mercer Island (Mercer Island Physical Therapy)

Susanne and Bruce Foster

“Thank you so much for your extraordinary help with our son’s injury. You supported him and our family mentally and medically. You gave us all positive thoughts and hope beyond traditional approaches. You were amazing in turning our son’s outlook to a positive one, and capturing how he thinks! We very much appreciate your great efforts!”
Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)


“ I have been to several therapists for injuries, and have never experienced such a careful balance of professionalism and friendliness.  My team worked with me, cheering me on along the way.  It was an extremely positive experience. ”
Kirkland (Totem Lake Physical Therapy)


“ I have had extensive treatment from Totem Lake RET and the therapist and support staff have helped me to improve my movement physically.  Without their help and patience I would not be able to have as much movement in my lower back and legs.  I would recommend Totem Lake Physical Therapy.  ”
Snoqualmie (Snoqualmie Physical Therapy)

Kristina F

“I originally wrote this review after taking my daughter, but now I go myself and it's been working wonders at improving my issues!”
North Bend (North Bend Physical Therapy)

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