Success Stories


“This is the second time I have chosen to write about your staff in Palm Desert.  I wrote roughly two years ago praising them.  I rarely find a business so excellent that I feel the need to write to the owner.  These days it seems so many are lacking in so many ways.  I want to congratulate you about your excellent staffing.  Barbara, at the desk is always so cheerful, efficient and professional.  Julia, Jessica and Gino are also very professional knowledgeable, warm, friendly and compassionate.  It is a pleasure to have each of them work with me.  I am extremely impressed with your facility.  It is an amazing collaborative effort from all of them.”
North Bend (North Bend Physical Therapy)

Jeff N

“Travis PT, was the only professional to correctly assess my month old detached biceps tendon.”
Puyallup (Summit)


“The staff here has been the most pleasant staff. Smiles are important and it can make or break someone’s day, even at my lowest of days coming in has been an uplift. Thanks for being there for the community.”
Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)


“ Left elbow surgery.  My elbow was in so much pain, zero movement, I was afraid to even use my left arm.  Picking anything up was tough.  My left arm is doing just fine now, due to the staff at Meridian Physical Therapy.  They worked with me at my pace and did everything to help me improve...I would tell friends, family and even strangers about the great staff here.  Thanks a Million! ”
Lake Stevens (Reaction Physical Therapy)

Teddy G.

“I have been going to RET for less than two months from a broken heel and L4 vertebrae burst fracture. The treatment that I have received here has been amazing. I pushed thorugh the main and did all that was asked of me here and at home. After two months my back is almost 100% recovered and stronger than even before my accident. My heel has healed and the exercises have strengthened my food to 90%. I am very happy with all the staff and the care I received, I will refer anyone I know to RET!  ”
Issaquah (Lake Sammamish Physical Therapy)


“ I have found treatment explained to my satisfaction along with exercises to be done at home with stipulation to stop if painful at all.  I am completely satisfied in all aspects of my treatment. ”


“The staff is caring, professional and courteous, the “one-on-one” between patient and therapist provides the attention that uses every minute to the patient’s advantage.  I truly felt that every concern was addressed by the staff. I thank Palm Desert Physical Therapy for making it possible for me to return to one of my great loves; tennis. I am walking pain-free again!”

North Bend (North Bend Physical Therapy)

Kim H

“When I was at my wits end and not sure how I was going to regain my mobility I found North Bend Physical Therapy & Athletic Rehabilitation. I am so impressed with the level of knowledge and how they are able to pass the information along so that I understand. I was given exercises to do at home so that I can continue to improve and be ready for what is planned on my next visit. The care that is displayed during my sessions is reassuring and assures me I am in the proper place to ensure that I have strength and mobility to enjoy an active life. ”
Puyallup (South Hill)

Paul Holmquist

“I'm ten years old. I was riding my motorcycle on memorial day weekend on trails. Then I crashed and broke my knee. A few months later I started physical therapy.  They helped me get more and more extension in my knee. At first I couldntwalk on my knee but now I'm ready to wrestle again.  Thanks to Darren, Shanik and Jack.”