Success Stories

North Bend

Puyallup (South Hill)

Paul Holmquist

“I'm ten years old. I was riding my motorcycle on memorial day weekend on trails. Then I crashed and broke my knee. A few months later I started physical therapy.  They helped me get more and more extension in my knee. At first I couldntwalk on my knee but now I'm ready to wrestle again.  Thanks to Darren, Shanik and Jack.”
Issaquah (Lake Sammamish)


“ I have found treatment explained to my satisfaction along with exercises to be done at home with stipulation to stop if painful at all.  I am completely satisfied in all aspects of my treatment. ”


“I've not been to PT before so was a little apprehensive about what to expect.  I've heard stories from others.  Richard was very nice and comfortable to be with.  He is hands on, very attentive, explains the what's and why's, etc.   If I hurt myself again or feel the need for some additional coaching, I will definitely go back.”
Puyallup (Meridian)


“ I was referred to get physical therapy for my right shoulder.  When I started I had constant pain in my shoulder and upper arm.  I can now use my arm without pain and do almost anything with my arm.  I recommend Meridian Physical Therapy to everyone and anyone.  The staff is very helpful and caring for their patients.  ”

Debi L

“I started seeing Rick Green because of pelvic floor pain and related issues after my hysterectomy. After seeing Rick for a while, the pain is essentially gone. I have a strong core and pelvic floor now, from the exercises he has me do.  There is amazing mental/emotional freedom with having a strong body I can trust. Once in a while, the pain comes back in times of stress or illness. Rick also does a good bit of mind-body work, so that I have tools to deal with the pain if it comes back, so that it is short-lived. He has a gentle demeanor and is easy to talk to, especially about the things you have to talk about when your pelvic floor is involved. I highly recommend him.”
Issaquah (Lake Sammamish)


“ This is the best therapy clinic I have been to.  Great Job!! ”
North Bend


“ On April 20th I was in a low impact auto accident.  I saw my doctor who referred me to Sno-Valley PT.  After several attempts at making an appointment, my initial appointment was canceled.  With that my doctor referred me to North Bend Physical Therapy (NBPT).  They got me in right away and assessed my injuries, put a plan together and began the healing and education process.  I was so impressed with this holistic approach that I referred my husband who has been in physical therapy for 2 years due to a shoulder injury.  He agreed to switch and NBPT got him in right away.  He received the same professionalism as I did and within one week had a major incerease in range and mobility.  He continues to work with the NBPT team and is making continuous improvement.  As for me, the team gave me the ability to work out initial onset issue in an effort to prevent them from turning into bigger issues.  I am very satisfied with my program and would recom ”
Palm Desert, CA


“I came to the desert with severe pain in my buttoxks.  I had back surgery a year ago and a device was placed in my back.  I had no hope of success but went through with the therapy anyway. Lo and behold, I have little to no pain left!  Thank you Gino, Jessica and Barbara.”
Lake Stevens


“Reaction Physical Therapy was terrific.  I worked at both the Smokey Point clinic and the Lake Stevens clinic. Tawny and Amanda at Smokey Point got me prepared to start conditioning, while Kris and Katie at Lake Stevens, worked with me for the work conditioning program.  All were encouraging and very helpful.  I went through a similar injury with my other leg years ago.  When I went back to work, I wasn't ready and reinjured myself.  This time I am more prepared for the job and have returned to full duty with no complications.  Thank You to the whole Reaction family for your hard work and help.”