Success Stories

Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)


“ I came to Meridian physical Therapy after having a Total Disc Replacement between C-5-6.  Neck movement was limited and with therapy has improved GREATLY.  Pain in the neck and arm has been reduced because of the therapy.  The staff was extremely helpful and professional in all aspects of the treatment. ”

Kirkland (Totem Lake Physical Therapy)


“The team gets to know you quickly and knows how to "gently" but firmly keep you progressing back to health. I also like it that the staff remembers your name. Every time, and that a plan is made for your care with the first visit. They are truly a team with great communication and have fun at work which makes it a fun environment to make it through the treatments/exercises. A realistic plan and expectations for your future with whatever your injury may be. Love them all and miss going.”
Bellevue (Bellevue Physical Therapy)


“ The staff was very kind and always cheerful. I will miss them all when I go back to Spokane, they were all great to me. ”
Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)


“ I was referred to get physical therapy for my right shoulder.  When I started I had constant pain in my shoulder and upper arm.  I can now use my arm without pain and do almost anything with my arm.  I recommend Meridian Physical Therapy to everyone and anyone.  The staff is very helpful and caring for their patients.  ”
Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)


“I injured my neck and shoulder at work and was having a hard time recovering.  My doctor had sent me to physical therapy and massage at another PT office, but I was not able to return to work and I was experiencing significant pain.  I had to take pain medication, I was unable to care for my house, go grocery shopping, care for my 3 boys, care for my brother who is handicapped, or work my job as a surgical nurse.  My doctor and case manager decided to put me in the work conditioning program at Meridian Physical Therapy.  It was a very hard program for me.  Five days a week, two hours a day, it was painful and VERY empotional...but it worked.  I can now go grocery shopping and clean my house.  I can keep up with my three boys (11, 8, and 6 years old). My brother is back at my house.  I can get his wheelchair in and out of his van, wheel him up and down a step, across the yard, transfer, and care for him.  Most of all I can work without pain and pay the bills to support my family doing the job that I love.  I really thought I would not be able to work as a nurse again.  I am so happy to have strength again and have my life back.”
Smokey Point / Marysville (Reaction Physical Therapy)


“ My name is Keith Warman.  I have had nine surgeries in the last 36 months for different types of injuries, mostly my shoulders and my right knee.  Before I met Jim Romo, and his staff, I was being treated by an assembly line physical therapist company.  When that company stopped all active treatment, I stopped seeing them, and found a new hands-on approach that Jim gives every patient, One on One, undivided attention.  Jim Romo is responsible for any progress I have made, and I feel good.  I doubt that I would be able to do what I can, without his help.  So, get out of the assembly line and get the personal attention you should have had in the first place.  Go see Reaction Physical Therapy at Smokey Point!!! ”
Palm Desert Physical Therapy And Golf Center


“All the staff get a grade of A++.  They are very knowledgeable about their trade.  I would recommend any of them to my friends.  Jessica handled most of my sessions, I cannot tell you how valuable of an employee she is.  She really takes an interest in her patients and was very valuable to me.  Thank you Jessica.  Barbara was very nice to me and made me feel like family. Thank you for your help fantastic staff!”
Redmond (Eastside Physical Therapy)

Redmond Patient

“ I am so thankful for Mary! I came to her with a sore shoulder, after a year plus of exercise and finally a cortisone shot to stop the pain.  Mary took down a serious list of notes, spent careful time examining, and finally brought out the medical book complete with pictures so I could see the structures she was describing to me.  She took time to pinpoint the source of my pain, and time to explain to me what she thought and why she recommended certain exercises.  With a combination of exercises, taping, ice and stim, and Mary's magic touch making sure I understood what she was aiming for, I could finally feel pain-free, and feel like I was working 'with' my body, rather than against it.  Mary made sure I understood what was happening below the skin so I could keep my body aligned and the right muscles stretched and strengthened. - I am so grateful! ”
Puyallup (South Hill)

Paul Holmquist

“I'm ten years old. I was riding my motorcycle on memorial day weekend on trails. Then I crashed and broke my knee. A few months later I started physical therapy.  They helped me get more and more extension in my knee. At first I couldntwalk on my knee but now I'm ready to wrestle again.  Thanks to Darren, Shanik and Jack.”