Success Stories

Issaquah (Lake Sammamish Physical Therapy)


“ My husband was here two years ago and was very impressed as well.  I would recommend Lake Sammamish Physical Therapy clinic. ”
Lake Stevens (Reaction Physical Therapy)

Mike G.

“After my total hip replacement surgery I began my PT with RET Reaction Physical Therapy in Lake Stevens. When lying on my side I couldn’t raise my left leg an inch from my right leg! With the help of Kelcie, Kris, and the entire staff I’m doing great. I’m now going to the Team Fitness Gym to get in better health as well. Thanks to my PT, I get stronger every day! The entire team at RET was professional, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. Thanks for everything.”
Kirkland (Totem Lake Physical Therapy)


“ I love coming each week! Have been coming to Totem Lake PT for years and recommend this place every chance I get. ”
Redmond (Eastside Physical Therapy)


“ This was my first experience coming to a physical therapist.  I was delighted with my progress and treatment.  I would highly recommend family and friends.  This team is amazing! ”
North Bend (North Bend Physical Therapy)


“ On April 20th I was in a low impact auto accident.  I saw my doctor who referred me to Sno-Valley PT.  After several attempts at making an appointment, my initial appointment was canceled.  With that my doctor referred me to North Bend Physical Therapy (NBPT).  They got me in right away and assessed my injuries, put a plan together and began the healing and education process.  I was so impressed with this holistic approach that I referred my husband who has been in physical therapy for 2 years due to a shoulder injury.  He agreed to switch and NBPT got him in right away.  He received the same professionalism as I did and within one week had a major incerease in range and mobility.  He continues to work with the NBPT team and is making continuous improvement.  As for me, the team gave me the ability to work out initial onset issue in an effort to prevent them from turning into bigger issues.  I am very satisfied with my program and would recom ”


“This is the second time I have chosen to write about your staff in Palm Desert.  I wrote roughly two years ago praising them.  I rarely find a business so excellent that I feel the need to write to the owner.  These days it seems so many are lacking in so many ways.  I want to congratulate you about your excellent staffing.  Barbara, at the desk is always so cheerful, efficient and professional.  Julia, Jessica and Gino are also very professional knowledgeable, warm, friendly and compassionate.  It is a pleasure to have each of them work with me.  I am extremely impressed with your facility.  It is an amazing collaborative effort from all of them.”
Redmond (Eastside Physical Therapy)


“ Everyone at Eastside Physical Therapy was so nice. Brian, Jessica, Jake and Ashly are all professional and helped me with the therapy I did.  I would recommend this place to people who need treatment.  My experience has been terrific.  ”
Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)


“ I started coming to Meridian Physical Therapy after suffering a really large contusion on my left calf after being struck with a baby gate.  I was having a lot of pain walking and running and even putting any pressure on the back of my leg, for example squatting down, climbing in and out of bed, etc.  After 3 weeks of sessions I am running without pain and my contusion is almost completely healed.  I appreciate Bill and all the staff here for helping me get back to my normal self in such a short amount of time.  I would definitely recommend Meridian Physical Therapy to anyone.  I also appreciate Dr. Dan Haun for referring me to Bill and his practice.  ”
Bellevue (Bellevue Physical Therapy)


“ The staff was very kind and always cheerful. I will miss them all when I go back to Spokane, they were all great to me. ”
Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)


“ Since coming to Meridian PT for neck pain I've had fewer flare-ups and less pain.  I feel that continuing to apply what I've learned I will continue to improve the mobility issues as well as strength through exersice.  I would absolutely recommend Meridian Physical Therapy to anyone who needs a physical therapist that will listen to what your body needs and help you heal in a caring and competent manner.  I am so thankful to my therapist for helping me to understand my injury and its effects on my body.  Thank You! ”
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