Work From Home
Survival Kit

In response to COVID-19 we're all working a little differently. At RET Physical Therapy, we want to help take you from surviving to thriving.

Your Ideal Home Office

Your best at-home work life starts here.

In the at-home working environment, we don't have our usual luxuries - our favorite chair with back support or a co-worker around the corner that we used to brainstorm with in person. Like millions of Americans, short-term solutions at the kitchen table are now looking like long-term set-ups. More than just a pain in the neck, a haphazard work set-up can lead to nagging soreness, discomfort, and a lack of productivity that negatively impacts happiness and comfort.



Because the at-home work environment isn't standardized, the solution can't be standardized, either. Rather, an ergonomic-friendly solution must be provided on a case-by-case basis that matches the needs of both the worker and the home. Here at RET Physical Therapy, we're offering a one-on-one, virtual consultation personalized to your unique situation. We connect remote workers with physical therapy experts to address the complex human interactions in the home, ultimately providing an in-depth evaluation, analysis, and education/recommendations to allow for more comfortable and productive work.

Tips & Tricks From Our Expert PTs

Keep It Level

The top of your computer monitor should be at or slightly below eye level (approximately 15 degrees below your line of sight). If you're having trouble adjusting your monitor to the correct height, reams of paper can make an effective stand for screens of laptops!

Movement Is Key

Like our PTs always say, "motion is lotion!" Make sure to take breaks from your monitor to stretch or go for a quick walk. These breaks are key for keeping away injuries, aches, and pains. You may find that your body responds better to standing and working at your desk, or alternating between sitting and standing as needed.

Feet First

Maintaining good foot positioning is important for blood flow and posture. Your feet should either be placed flat on the floor or supported by placing a stool or box underneath your work station. Get creative with your support if you need to - coolers, paper reams, and storage bins all work in a pinch!

Customize Your Keyboard

If you are working from a laptop and not a desktop computer, you may want to set up an external keyboard. Depending on the layout of your work station and the height of your monitor, the native keyboard on your laptop may force your wrists into a painful or unnatural typing position. If positioned correctly, your wrists should rest lightly on your desk or wrist support with your hands slightly arched.

Get Started With Some PT Stretches!

Begin standing. Make half circles with your head, bringing your chin to your chest, then rolling your one ear towards your shoulder, then towards the other.

Start in a seated position and place your hands on your hips. Let your shoulders fall forward by rounding the upper back, then squeeze your shoulder blades together, and retract your shoulder blades as the elbows come out and back. Keep your shoulders pressed down and away from the ears at all times.

Begin seated upright with one hand anchoring and place your other hand on top of your head, fingertips grazing your opposite ear. Slowly tilt your head towards your shoulder, away from your anchoring arm, rotate your chin up towards the ceiling, and hold. Apply pressure with your hand to feel the stretch, as needed.

Companies Encouraging WFH

88% of companies worldwide have encouraged or required working from home since the onset of COVID.

Employees Working From Home

While only around 7% of US employees worked from home before COVID, now over 60% are regularly working from home.

US Companies Planning to Continue WFH

A majority of companies in the US are planning to permanently institute a work from home component to their business model.

US Workers Prefer WFH

More than half of US workers would prefer to continue remote work to some extent, even after public health restrictions have lifted.

For those who must remain at home and are unable to visit in person, our

Board-Certified or Doctorate-trained physical therapists are available to meet virtually through an online video chat that is secure and easy to use.

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Whether it's from a recent injury or a poorly set up home workstation, it's keeping you from things you love doing.


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Questions and Answers

Your health is our health.

  • We are open for business. We are a safe place, while you can choose to stay home, you can also choose to go to somebody you trust, your personal PT at RET Physical Therapy.


  • A Virtual Option: We understand that you may not want to visit our PT clinic unless you feel certain it will help and that you will be safe and protected. That's why we are offering initial screens.