Medical Wellness

Research has shown that lifestyle modifications including both changes to your diet and an increase in physical activity are not only the most effective way to improve your current health, but have been shown to reduce risk of future illness long-term.  At RET Physical Therapy Group, our mission is to help you learn how to optimize your health and improve your quality of life.  Whether you’re considering Orthopedic Surgery or just looking to be more consistent with an exercise routine, we have a solution that fits your needs.  We believe that healthcare should be comprehensive and provide a Total Wellness approach to treatment. Our staff consists of Physical Therapists, Registered Dietitians and Exercise Specialists to help you learn how to eat right, move correctly and keep you accountable toward achieving your goals.

– Benefits of Medical Wellness –

Evidence has shown that even moderate weight-loss achieved from a nutritionally sound diet and increased physical activity has been proven to:

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– Our Programs –

Pre-Surgical Wellness Program:

The Pre-Surgical Wellness Program is designed to help patients reduce their BMI and optimize their range of motion and strength prior to undergoing surgery. Research has shown that this is the most effective way to both reduce complications during surgery and maximize post-surgical results. Includes visits with a Physical Therapist, Registered Dietitian and Exercise Specialist. Learn More


Medical Wellness Program:

The Medical Wellness Program is intended for those patients who are not candidates for orthopedic surgery, but are still limited by pain, and looking to improve their current health and modify their lifestyle in order to reduce risk factors for future disease. This program takes the guesswork out of developing proper nutritional habits, increasing physical activity and maintaining a healthy way of living.  Includes visits with a Physical Therapist, Registered Dietitian and Exercise Specialist. Learn More


Medical Nutrition Therapy:

Nutrition is an essential part of managing and maintaining your health. Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) targets nutrition-related diseases using science-based evidence to provide treatment options that actually work. Our Registered Dietitian will assess your individual needs and work with you to design a customized and approachable nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle. Learn More

- Participating Clinics -

These neighborhood physical therapy clinics provide Wellness, click to schedule an appointment or learn more.

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