Ankle-Foot Pain Composite




Bunions are a common condition that can happen when you often wear tight shoes, you have a lower arch, your foot rolls in when you walk or it can be inherited with the shape of your foot. It is a bump of bone or tissue that grows around the base of the big toe. Over time, this bump can force the big toe to lean inward toward the other toes and that can lead to problems in the other toes.



Our physical therapists can help by reducing pressure on the toes with the use of arch supports, custom orthotics, manual therapy techniques, therapeutic modalities and strengthening and stretching exercises. Your therapist will also be able to educate you on proper footwear for decreased pain.  Bunions may require surgery for permanent relief. Whether you are a surgical candidate or not we will work with your physician to help you decrease your pain and regain your function.

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