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Making the right choices takes practice!


Obesity is a condition that leads to many health related illness over time. No one chooses to be overweight and the reasons for this condition are not the same for any one person. If you have ever been told by your healthcare provider that you could benefit from weight loss you might be feeling overwhelmed about where you should start. MNT can help you understand what amount of weight you can lose to start seeing benefits and arm you with the knowledge and tools to sustain weight loss over a lifetime.

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Weight Loss

When considering weight loss strategies it is crucial to choose something that you can follow fairly easily and indefinitely. Being healthy is a way of life meant to be practiced every day. Changing your diet for weight loss should include the ability to enjoy all foods within reason. No one needs the stress of having to pack special foods to family barbeques or when going on vacation. It takes some practice to master eating healthfully with the foods you are surrounded with every day, but it is achievable.

Fad diet or Forever diet?

Many of us have tried fad dieting, with and without success. So what qualifies as a fad diet? There are few things that these types of diets have in common, ask yourself;

Does this diet…

  • Make some foods completely off-limits or eliminate entire food groups?
  • Promise weight loss without changing anything?
  • Require purchasing special foods or taking supplements?
  • Replacing meals with a special drink to burn fat?
  • Promise extreme weight loss in a short period of time (30 pounds in 30 days)?
  • Refer to foods as “good” and “bad”?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you are most likely looking at a fad diet. Forever dieting is a lifestyle change meant to be maintained long term. If you are not sure where the diet you have chosen falls, we can help!

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