Ankle-Foot Pain Composite


The foot has many functions, it supports our body weight, and it propels our legs forward while we walk, it is a shock absorber and it helps us to keep our balance when we are navigating on uneven ground. It is made up of twenty-six bones, thirty-three joints and is layered with more than 120 muscles, ligaments and nerves. With its complexity and multiple functions the foot is susceptible to many types of overuse syndromes and injuries. Our physical therapists will work with your physician to evaluate and treat your condition. By performing manual therapy techniques, therapeutic modalities, stretching/strengthening exercise, home taping technique instruction, or by making custom orthotics our physical therapists will help you gain relief of your foot pain so that you can get back to the activities that you desire.

Common Ankle/Foot Pain injuries treated with Physical Therapy

- Participating Clinics -

These neighborhood physical therapy clinics provide Foot and Ankle Care, click to schedule an appointment or learn more.

Aquatic Therapy Center
Crossroads (Bellevue)
Issaquah (Lake Sammamish)
Lake Stevens
Mercer Island
North Bend
Palm Desert, CA
Puyallup (Meridian)
Puyallup (South Hill)
Puyallup (Summit)
Puyallup (Sunrise)
Redmond (Eastside)
Seattle (University)
Smokey Point (Marysville)
SoundCare Rehabilitation
Totem Lake (Kirkland)