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By appointment only. Last appointment scheduled 40 minutes before closing to allow for appropriate treatment time.

*Note: Puget Sound Physical Therapy has now partnered with RET Physical Therapy. Our address, phone number , and providers have not changed. Click here to learn more.*

Puget Sound Physical Therapy is located in the Hawks Prairie area of Lacey, Washington.

We believe in combining patient values, clinical expertise, and the most modern, research-based evidence available to help our patients make informed decisions about their care. Our aim is to provide a truly patient-centered rehabilitation, and with this approach we strive to collaboratively meet the outcomes and functional goals that are meaningful to the individual patient.

Puget Sound Physical Therapy is a locally owned and operated full-service rehabilitation clinic. We proudly serve Lacey, Hawks Prairie, Olympia, and the surrounding area. At Puget Sound Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to patient-centered rehabilitation that can help you get back to the activities you enjoy.

- Services -

Lacey (Puget Sound Physical Therapy) provides expert care for a wide range of conditions, click the links below to learn more or call to schedule with a Physical Therapist.

Back Care
Balance Training
Balance Training/ Fall Prevention
Chronic Pain Management
Functional Movement Screenings (FMS)
Hip Care
Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)
Kinesio Taping
Knee Care
Neck Care
Occupational Injury Rehabilitation/Management
Pain Neuroscience Education
Parkinson's Treatment and Management
Sports Injury Rehabilitation/Medicine
Total Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
Vestibular Clearing and Rehabilitation

- Staff -

Steven is a staff physical therapist at Puget Sound Physical Therapy. He was born and raised in Thurston County. Steven graduated from the University of Southern California in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology with a concentration in Applied Physiology. After a year of working as a physical therapy aide, Steven matriculated into Columbia University’s Doctorate in Physical Therapy Program and graduated in 2017. Through his clinical experiences in school he has worked in a variety of settings across the nation ranging from acute care in a VA hospital in the Bronx, New York to outpatient, sports-specific rehabilitation with professional athletes in Phoenix, Arizona.

Steven has always loved sports and sports medicine and was fortunate enough to have pursued various educational opportunities from high school through graduate school and post-graduate to further his skills. He has specific interests in empowering his patients to “fix” themselves at home through specific exercise planning as well as hands-on manual therapy techniques to supplement the rehabilitation process. Steven culminated an orthopedic manual therapy residency through industry leader Evidence in Motion to further his targeted manual therapy interventions and help patients get better faster with a board specialist certification in Orthopedics in June 2019.

Outside of work, Steven enjoys exploring nature through hiking and hunting in the mountains, fishing in lakes and rivers, and traveling to new places.

Michael Jennings, PT, MHS, SCS

Physical Therapist Connecting an individual's return to activity goals, whether an elite athlete or weekend warrior with the correct treatments, exercise, and movement patterns is my everyday priority. The focus of my care is in identifying movement and pain dysfunctions in orthopedic patients across the age spectrum. Because of my lifelong involvement in the soccer community through coaching and sports medicine (Sounders U23, Sounder Women's College, club), many of my patients are soccer athletes returning back to play from acute or overuse injuries. Our Starfire Clinic is a state-of-the-art facility that hosts the Seattle Sounders First Team, Sounders U23's, Sounder Women and Academy strength and conditioning efforts. We specialize in testing and preparing detailed treatment protocol for athletes, such as ACL reconstruction, ACL prevention programs, adolescent overuse injuries, and more.
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy at University of Puget Sound; Tacoma, WA
  • Master of Health Science in Physical Therapy at Washington University School of Medicine; St. Louis, MO
  • Sports Certified Specialist
  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Advanced Clinical Instructor
  • Adjunct Clinical Faculty, University of Puget Sound

- Reviews -

Desmond Anthony
Desmond Anthony
05:33 21 May 19
Steve is amazing. Def knows what he is doing, and does very well explaining why I am doing a particular stretch or exercise. Love this clinic, truly feel as though I am improving each week.read more
Cynthia Jordan
Cynthia Jordan
01:30 14 Jun 18
I selected Puget Sound Physical Therapy strictly because of their proximity to my workplace. I wouldn't go anywhere else now. Their techniques are fresh and innovative. I am experiencing incredibly positive results and am excited for a pain free future. If you have pain from an injury (new or chronic), years of poor posture, or any host of other reasons I encourage you to make an appointment.read more
Ann Stewart
Ann Stewart
02:36 07 May 18
Chris has 2 PhDs and is working on a third. He has every bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, and connective tissue and how they work together stored in his brain. If a standard approach (e.g. a stretch) doesn't work, he does this thing in his head to try to figure out "what your body wants". I had pain from a knee replacement that traveled up into my glutes and down below my knee somewhat that prevented me from sleeping. He had me try a few things and one of them -- a stretch -- worked after only 3 days of my doing it. I'm not good at sticking with exercises, so I'd do this one -- just one -- when the pain came back. Without the pain I was able to move around more, and that helped loosen tight tissues so that now I don't have to do the exercise any more. I also saw him vastly improve the pain of a woman who suddenly stood up under an overhead, compressing her entire spine. She went from hardly being able to walk (needing help from friends) to walking normally and driving during the weeks while I was getting treatment. Chris also did a study that showed that stretching cold muscles before athletic activity was not only not effective but could cause damage. The muscles should be warm when stretching. I would trust Chris to tackle any muscular/nerve pain I might develop in the future. I wish he was 2 people so he could also be my PCP.read more
18:10 07 Jun 17
Great service and great care - I recommend PSPT to anyone looking for rehabilitative services in the area.
Kristyne M
Kristyne M
17:32 15 Aug 16
My best physical therapy experience thus far. You'll get very personalized care here. The approach is different from my past experiences, but it seems designed to truly take care of whatever brought you there in the first place in a thoughtful, proactive and medically sound way. The receptionist and doctor are both warm, friendly and seem invested in providing you the very best care. I highly recommend this practice when you need PT.read more
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