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Medical Fitness Training

The medical fitness training is designed specifically to target disease processes such as obesity, type II diabetes, COPD, cardiovascular disease and others with the goal to improve or eliminate them and reduce the amount of medication needed to manage them through nutrition and exercise.  This program will be managed utilizing a team approach including a physical therapist, personal trainer, and medical doctor.  Most insurance that offers a health and wellness benefit may cover part of this program.

Personal Training Program

Personal training program is designed for those that do not have health related co-morbidities and are interested in other specific health-related goals.  A personal trainer will help guide you through your workouts, push you to the next level, help you achieve your goals, continue to rehabilitate your injury, and keep you consistent with your workout routine.  Your trainer will develop a program based on your interests, goals, and current fitness level.

Your first session is a health assessment that will be comprised of a body fat assessment using caliper skin fold measurements, blood pressure readings, circumference measurements, endurance tests and strength, cardiovascular and flexibility testing.  Subsequent sessions will include cardiovascular training, muscular conditioning, and flexibility exercises to help work towards achieving your fitness goals.

Personal Training Packages

*Half due prior to starting and remaining due at midpoint of sessions

Introductory – 6 sessions
Individual $390
Group $210
Get Started – 10  sessions
Individual $650
Group $350 
Commitment – 14 sessions
Individual $910
Group $490
Nutrition Assessments
Develop a nutritional plan to compliment goals
Individual $132
Group $132
Body Fat Analysis – caliper skin fold testing
Individual & Group  $25
Group pricing is a group of 2 or more people, and listed as price per person.
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