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With RET, you have a rehabilitation team for life.

Dealing with pain or physical dysfunction is an ongoing journey, so you need a team that will be by your side the entire time. RET is committed to guiding you through every step of your journey to recovery and wellness.

How is your pain or dysfunction holding you back?

Click where it hurts and our team will help you get to the root of why you could be experiencing the pain and what we can do to resolve it.

Get expert care from a team that really cares.

We know that physical pain or dysfunction can make you feel helpless, but we’re here to help. Join our community of patients who are feeling and moving better than ever.

Ready to start living life on your terms again?

1. Schedule Your Appointment: Call today to schedule your first visit and share your story so we can get to know you and understand your goals.

3. Start Your Path To The Healthiest You: You’ll get a clear, personalized treatment plan designed to help you achieve your goals, with our team walking alongside you each step of the way.

2. Get An Evaluation: In your first appointment, we'll review your goals, provide an evaluation, and educate you on the root cause of what's holding you back.

Start feeling like yourself again.

We understand it’s difficult to feel like yourself when pain, dysfunction or other health related issues are holding you back. Whether you’re missing out on time with family or unable to participate in everyday activities that used to bring you joy – it doesn’t have to be that way.

RET has decades of expertise across several physical, occupational, and dietetic therapy proficiencies.


Some of the many specialties our team deals with daily include:

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT): In addition to PT, we now offer individualized medical nutrition therapy and wellness plans. At select RET locations, you can work with a dietitian to develop a custom nutrition plan designed to meet your individual goals.
  • Pelvic Health: Our Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Program was developed to help patients faced with painful and/or bothersome symptoms which interfere with their daily lives. We understand that these issues are complex and may include urinary, colorectal and musculoskeletal components that affect men and women.
  • Hand Therapy: RET’s Hand Therapy and Rehabilitation Program offers our patients experienced therapists who work in close collaboration with each patient’s referring physician to optimize recovery following upper extremity injury or surgery. We individualize hand therapy treatment plans and also provide custom orthosis (splinting) services.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical Therapy is a health care specialty that evaluates, diagnoses, and treats injuries, disabilities, and diseases that can limit your activity levels due to pain and/or loss of function. Sports, orthopedic, neurological and muscular conditions, and cardiopulmonary diseases are just a few specialty areas which our physical therapists treat.
  • Aquatic Therapy: Aquatic Physical Therapy allows people of all ages and levels of function to reach their goals, and return to what they love to do. If movement is difficult for you, the buoyancy of water provides reduced stress on joints and muscles, and is great for non-weight bearing, post-operative joint replacement patients.

Don’t let your pain or dysfunction hold you back any more. Let RET get you back to living your best life.

No matter what kind of pain, we've seen it before.

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