With You Every Step of the Way!

Looking for a simple place to track clinical progress, access your home exercise program, or talk to your therapist between visits? Current patients can register for the FREE RETPT NOW mobile app, available on Google Play and in the App Store!

Get Started – Register Your Account

When you scheduled your first appointment, you should have received a welcome email and an invitation to activate your account. If you didn’t receive this message, or can’t find your welcome email, call the Care Coordinator at your local clinic and they’ll resend the invite. Before you begin using the app, please confirm your account… it’ll help us communicate with you in between visits!

Track Your Progress

Throughout the course of your treatment, the app will help you keep track of your clinical progress and personal goals. Bonus: every time you hit one of those personal goals you get a badge!

Fill Us In

Questions between visits? It’s never been easier to ask. Think something might be out of the ordinary? Let your physical therapist know how you’re feeling. Trust us, they want to know! You and your therapist can communicate directly through the app to discuss your progress and how you can work together to hit your goals.

Need The Occasional Reminder?

We do, too. It can be tough to start a new routine! Through the app, you can set reminders and notifications so that you never miss a day. You can also share your plan with family, friends, or other care providers who’ll help keep you accountable along the way.

Access Your Home Exercises

At work or on the move? Not a problem. You don’t have to be at home to have access to your “home” exercise program.

Now, all your exercises and instructions can be found in one location. Stay on top of your workout plan with the help of one, easy to find list. Instructions include clear and concise videos, so you can be confident you’re doing every exercise correctly. Finished? Check off each exercise as you complete it.

… and So Much More!

Curious about what to expect from your first appointment? We’ll fill you in. Feedback you’d like to share with us about the care you’re receiving? We’re all ears.

We want to make sure your recovery is as simple and seamless as possible. Getting you quickly, safely, and happily back to your regularly scheduled activities is our top priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!

Did you know that registered patients can access the RET PT NOW App on the App Store and Google Play?