Quick Tips for Getting Rid of Your Back Pain!

1.  Improve Your Posture While Sitting

Many people have neck or low back pain while sitting, but what many people don’t realize is that your posture is often the
culprit.  And with a majority of us spending more and more time on the computer, tablet and smart phones, the prevalence of posture related pain is increasing with computer use.

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2.  Proper Posture for Driving

While driving, slightly recline your chair and have your head against the head rest, hands positioned at ten and two o’clock. If you have bucket seats, sit directlyoffice 2016 Product keyin the center and not on the edge. After correcting position, adjust all of your mirrors. If you then start driving and realize you can’t see out of your mirrors, you may have defaulted to your previous poor posture.

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You don’t have to live with the pain!
Physical Therapy can help!

Often these simple steps can alleviate any symptoms caused by poor posture, but often times there are otherOffice Professional Plus 2016 key underlying conditions that may also need to be treated.  Should you continue to experience pain click here to schedule an evaluation to schedule an evaluation with a Physical Therapist.

Your medical insurance will cover treatment for low back pain.  

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