RET Physical Therapy talks to KOMO News about snow shoveling soreness

Sore from shoveling snow? Try these ideas to soften the blow…

SEATTLE – Shoveling snow is not an activity that we’re used to doing in the Puget Sound lowlands, but there was sure a lot to shovel this past weekend. So now, all that work and time spent moving heavy, wet snow around, is taking its toll on our muscles.

The advice from a physical therapist: keep moving.

“The important thing is to make sure that you keep moving and he don’t just sit on the couch. Research shows that you treat muscle soreness with light activity,” said Kyle Shilling at RET Physical Therapy in Seattle. “Just get up and walk every hour or so. The last thing you want to do is just stay in bed all day when you’re sore because it’ll just let the soreness stick and more and more.”

Shilling also offers three basic stretches to help you get that range of motion back to normal.

Continue reading this KOMO News story and see Kyle’s stretches here.

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