Use the Summertime to Motivate You to Be Fit

We all love summertime: vacationing, sunbathing & enjoying some margaritas outside! Despite all of the relaxing and lounging, summer may also be the best time of year to achieve your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. Read below for some quick tips to keep you on track with your routine!

Nice Weather Encourages You to Be Active! Especially living in Washington, we all love to take advantage on those sunny days. Use that pleasant weather as a reason to do something active: go kayaking, on a walk, hike, or a bike ride!

Time For A New Wardrobe! You can’t hide in your fleece or chunky sweaters much longer. Buying a new tank top or pair of shorts may also motivate you to get moving more often.

Pick Your Own Produce! Spend some time at your local farmer’s market, in your own garden, or spend a couple hours picking some berries.

Fire up the Grill! You can grill foods besides burgers and hotdogs- try a healthy flatbread pizza or grilling some fresh vegetables.

Drink More Water! In the summer when the weather is warmer, you will be more inclined to grab that water bottle. Water has so many wonderful benefits, one of them is feeling fuller!

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