Strong for Walking

Another popular summer activity is walking or hiking! Below are some simple strengthening exercises you can starting incorporating into your routine today keeping you ready to tackle these activities!

Single Leg Balance

Long walks and especially hiking, on uneven terrain require good balance! This exercise is simple to do anywhere and you can easily increase the intensity by holding weights, closing your eyes, or standing on a balance pad (or even a pillow or couch cushion). Keep your hips level and have a soft bend in your standing leg. Perform for 30 seconds – 1 minute and repeat 2-3x.

Walking Lunges

Traveling lunges target your quads, glutes, and hamstrings which are all important muscles during any walking activity. You can also grab some dumbbells to increase the resistance. Make sure your knee is on top of your ankle and in line with your second toe, but not past. Peform lunges traveling the length of a gym or hallways. Repeat 2-3 laps!

Monster Walks
Our outer hips, especially our glute medius muscle is important in keeping our hips and knees in proper alignment. Grab a small resistance band and place it above your ankles. Squat down slightly and keep your hips level as you step forward at a diagonal, alternating directions (hence the name, monster walk). Perform lengths in your hallway or in a gym space, down and back, and repeat 2-3x!


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