Strong for Summer : Swimming

Now that we have our summer fitness plan and vacation calendar all set, what can we do in the meantime to prepare? Swimming is a popular summer activity, so read below for some simple strengthening exercises you can starting incorporating into your routine today!

Plank Row
The latissimus is a large muscle involved in every swim stroke as it is responsible for drawing the upper arm down and back, as well as drawing it inward. There are many exercises to focus in on this area, but one you can try is the Plank Row!

Grab a dumbbell in each hand in a plank position from your toes or knees. Position your arms shoulder width apart with your wrists directly below your shoulders. Alternate sides as you lead with your elbow up to the ceiling and squeeze your shoulder blade in and back. Keep your torso still and contract your abdominals so there is no arch in your back. Perform 10 rows on each arm and repeat 2-3x.

Triceps Pulldown
Your triceps are an important muscle group used in most swim strokes. One exercise you could do to build your triceps are pull downs. You can use weight or resistance bands, keep your chest open, and hug your elbows to your side. As you press down, keep your elbows pointing straight back and grazing your sides.

Perform 10 repetitions and repeat 2-3x through.

Lateral Lunges
Your legs, especially your quads and hips are used to jump and kick with many strokes, and are essential during flipturns. One great exercise to do for your quadriceps is multidirectional lunges. Today, we will highlight the lateral lunge.

Begin standing with feet hip width apart, step to the side keeping your heel pressed down and sticking your glutes back (as if you are sitting in a chair). You can also hold dumbbells for added resistance. Perform 10 repetitions on each side and repeat 2-3x.

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