Endurance Exercise is possible with Arthritis Pain

Unfortunately, there are some activities that are not recommended when coping with Arthritis pain, but there are still plenty of options that will keep you active and your heart healthy. Endurance exercise is important to incorporate into any exercise routine as it conditions the heart and lungs to use oxygen more efficiently which supplies the body with oxygen rich blood. Read below for some ideas corresponding to different body parts that may be affected.

Lower Back

Do: Walking on a level surface or in the shallow end of the pool; swim laps using the backstroke, ride a bike that doesn’t require you to bend over too far (try a mountain bike on level ground or a recumbent bike) or an elliptical machine.











Do: Walk on a treadmill or in the shallow end of the pool; ride a mountain bike that keeps you upright, or cycle on a stationary bike or recumbent cycle; or use elliptical machines.


Do: Walk on a treadmill or in the shallow end of the pool; ride a bike, or cycle on a stationary bike or recumbent cycle; swim, using the backstroke; use elliptical machines; or warm water exercises.

Begin performing aerobic exercises 15-20 minutes, 3 days a week and build up from there. Always consult with your doctor prior to beginning a new exercise program. Cardio exercises can be broken up into segments and should always be performed at a comfortable pace.

This is only a short overview of exercises that may benefit you. Be sure to follow along with any RET clinic on social medial all month for a closer look at managing your Arthritis pain.

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