Walking Exercises

Strength for Walking
As the weather starts to warm up and we are able to get outside more often, we will have more opportunity for walking and hiking activities. But if you are not prepared, you may be prone to injuries such as ankle sprains or tendonitis for example. Read below for some simple strength exercises you can easily add to your current routine!

Heel Raises
Place feet hip width part and turn toes forward. Rise up onto your toes, pause, then slowly lower down. To increase the intensity, stand off the edge of a step. Perform 10-20x and repeat 3x.
To increase the difficulty try performing on the edge of a curb, or on an uneven surface like a pillow.

Single Leg Balance
Stand tall with your feet hip width apart. Balance on one leg, keeping your hips level. To increase the intensity, stand on an uneven surface, reach your arms forward and to the side, or close your eyes.
Hold for 30 seconds – 1 minute and repeat 3x.

Step Up
Turn towards a step or bench, shift your weight forward as you pull up with your top leg. Watch that your knee is in line with your second toe and focus on the front leg doing most of the work. To increase the intensity, raise up the back leg to hip height as you step up, increase the step height or speed. Repeat 10 repetitions 3x.

Need some more guidance as you begin your walking or new exercise routine? Stop in or call any of our clinics today! Also, follow along with any RET social media this month for more relevant tips!

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