Workout with your Partner!

Having an exercise buddy can hold you more accountable, and push yourself a little more during a workout. In the spirit of Valentine’s day this month, grab your spouse, significant other, or friend and give these partner exercises a try!

Perform each exercise for 1 minute each and repeat at least 2x through!

Plank Hi-Fives

Get in plank position, hands underneath your shoulders and feet hip width apart facing each other (head to head). Lift your right hand off to perform a hi-five, and continue alternating your hands. To modify this move, you can go down to your knees and still perform the hi-fives.

Squat Jump Hi-Fives

Begin in a standing position, facing each other, with feet hip width apart. Aim your hips back like you are sitting in a chair, jump up and hi five your partner. When landing, make sure your weight is evenly distributed through your feet and your knees are in line with your second toe, not moving past. To modify this move, you can simply perform a squat and take out the jump.

Wheelbarrow Push-up

Grab your partners ankles and have them walk out to a plank, shoulders on top of wrists, with no arch in the low back. As your partner performs a push-up, squat down with them. This is a challenging move, so communication is key!

Wall Sit with Triceps Dips

Have one partner set up in a wall sit. Position your back against a wall and slide down to a squat with feet hip width apart. Again, position your knees on top of your ankles, moving in line with your second toe.

The second person will set up in a triceps dip position using your partners knees for balance, like the chair shown above. The partner in the wall sit will hold the position, while their partner is performing triceps dips!


This is only a short list of partner exercises you can perform at home! Follow along with any RET social media this month for more at home exercise tips!

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