Cold Weather Running Tips

Although the weather is colder this time of year, it doesn’t mean that we always have to be stuck indoors. Of course, the treadmill is a great option to have, but if you are still wanting to hit the pavement read below for some simple tips to keep you feeling motivated, fit and warm!

Dress in Layers

Running generates a lot of heat and people commonly “overdress”. The first layer touching your skin should be lightweight “synthetic or polyester” material. The second layer should be wool or fleece for insulation. The third layer, if needed, should be a waterproof breathable layer.


Avoid Cotton Materials

This type of material will make you wet and feel even colder. Stick with polyester and/or wool fabrics.


Protect Your Head, Ears, Hands and Feet

When our bodies are cold, our blood flow is concentrated at our body’s core, which leaves our extremities more vulnerable to the weather. So, don’t forget a hat, warms socks, and gloves.


Stay Hydrated

This just as important when you are exercising in warm weather. Drink water or a sports drinks before, during and after your workout. It is still possible to become dehydrated in the cold from sweating.

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