Physical Therapy for Kids

A lot of the focus of Physical Therapy services can be centered on adults and the elderly. But children and even infants can attend and benefit from physical therapy services! Read on for a quick overview of what Pediatric Physical Therapy is all about!    

If your child is injured or has problems with movement because of a disability or chronic illness, your doctor may recommend physical therapy. The purpose of physical therapy is to maintain or restore movement or range of motion, to help ease pain and help prevent injuries. For example, a child with cerebral palsy might need physical therapy throughout his or her life to improve muscle strength and movement, and to prevent joints from stiffening. Physical therapy is also the main treatment for torticollis, tightening of an infant’s neck muscles that can lead to problems with movement, balance or your child’s skeletal development.

Some therapy activities may include stairs, swings, a jungle gym or even a trampoline. A therapist may use music, balls, and toys and age appropriate games to engage the children in each therapy session.  Kids may be guided through crawling, walking, adaptive play or balance activities just to name a few!

Some other conditions in children or adolescents that require physical therapy may include amputations, muscular dystrophy, developmental delays, or problems with gait.

This is only a short overview of Pediatric Physical Therapy. Be sure to follow along with any RET clinic on social medial all month for a closer look at how kids can benefit from physical therapy!

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