3 Tips for Staying Healthy Over Your Summer Vacation

When summertime comes around it can seem as though all our cares just disappear. Splashing in the water, going on road trips and long sunny days full of activities – and of course, some lounging around too. Although summer is a great time to take a vacation from our stresses, we should make sure we aren’t taking a vacation from our healthy lifestyle.

This summer, in addition to enjoying your down time, challenge yourself to maintain your wellness routine. If you don’t have one yet, don’t fret. Use these months to adopt one or create your own! Below are some great tips to help you make this summer your healthiest one yet – without breaking the bank or adding stress to your “down” months:


  1. Walk and bike more

Finally, the sun is here. That also means we have the best walking and biking weather we could ask for! Leave the car keys at home and aim for getting in those steps. And for those competitors out there, you can even turn it into a game. Get your friends and family onboard with walking or biking goals and track together. At the end of the week, month or the season, whoever has the most steps or miles biked earns a prize.

Whether an Amazon gift card, a weeklong pass from doing the dishes or simply bragging rights – having that prize in mind might motivate you to get walking! For those looking to invest in a tracking device, Fitbit is a great option. Aside from being extremely easy to use, you can also enter contests with people of your choosing and make the competition even more engaging!


  1. Make refreshing snacks

Summertime is also a prime time for snacking. Between the ice cream, chips and other goodies, it’s easy to load up on high calorie foods that don’t provide much nutrition. Instead, enjoy treats you can easily make at home with high-quality, wholesome ingredients. You can blend some freshly picked (or purchased) blackberries, strawberries or blueberries. Add them to a popsicle tray for a cool treat made purely of whole fruits! You can also use those fresh fruits and dry them out in the oven, making a delicious healthy treat.

Also, keep in mind that the body’s signals for thirst and hunger can sometimes be confused. If you’re feeling a bit hungry, go for the water first – especially in these hotter months. And just as you can make your snacks more refreshing, you can do the same with your water! Create variety with your beverages. For a fruity twist, add watermelon and mint leaves to your water. For a crisp taste, add cucumber slices and a bit of basil. Or just add a squeeze of lemon juice to perk up your cup!


  1. Relax and recharge

Make sure to give your body and mind the time to recharge this summer. It’s important to remember that even through stress is a nonnegotiable part of life, how we react to stress is completely up to us. Prioritize finding activities that destress you at work and allow you to “refill your cup.” Whether it’s journaling three daily gratitude’s, trying out a new yoga studio, signing up for a monthly massage or investing in a great pair of hiking shoes so you can escape – simply do it.

And remember, keeping your stress in check is also great for your waistline. Stress hormones help us to gain and hold on to weight. Not to mention the emotional eating they can cause. This summer let’s change things up and find the activity that keeps your stress in check.


What healthy tips do you follow over your summer break? Share with us in the comments below!


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