12 Things You’ll Experience at Your First Physical Therapy Session

  1. You’ll get a super friendly phone call from one of our staff – their job is to make sure we are the perfect fit to help you with whatever challenge you have, and to pair you with one of our top-notch providers who specializes in a relevant discipline.
  2. Scheduling will be easy. The front desk staff will get you in ASAP, sometimes within 24 hours, and will work with your schedule. Early, late, and lunchtime appointments help to allow us to work within your schedule, not the other way around.
  3. You get to wear comfy clothes! Hello, yoga pants! Wear whatever makes you comfortable that will also allow you to move. Athletic shoes are also recommended.
  4. You’ll check in and if you’re early, can grab a complimentary cup of coffee or tea while you wait for your appointment time.
  5. Your provider will spend time getting to know you, listening to you, and understanding your story so they can hand craft a plan individualized to meet your needs.
  6. Everyone will be really happy – both patients and team members. It’s a bit strange and a lot awesome. It grows on you.
  7. Everyone knows your name. The success of our patients comes from collaborative care. Every team member gets to know your name, your story, and you as a person. So when you come in, it’s like walking into your neighbor house.
  8. You play games. Okay so these really are exercises but they are basically games and end up being just as fun so they might as well be games.
  9. You get to relax. Heat pads, ice packs, and massages can all be involved in this one. Throw in a dark room and a comfy treatment table to lie on and you may even get that afternoon cat nap you’ve been day-dreaming of.
  10. Your time will be valued and respected. On your lunch break? No problem. Our team will ask, and respect, your time limits. A first evaluation is typically a full hour with follow-up sessions being shorter depending on your specific case.
  11. Scheduling your next appointment will be easy. Your provider will work with you to determine what frequency of visits and duration will be best for your specific needs. The front desk staff can set up as many appointments, as far out, as you would like as you head out the door.
  12. You’ll look forward to coming back, and we’ll look forward to seeing you!

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