National Nutrition Month: Focus on Fiber

You are probably aware that fiber is essential for good health but do you know why? Dietary guidelines recommend adult men and women get 28 grams every day. Despite this guideline, the average American diet contains just 16 grams of fiber per day. Fiber is important for us because it helps rid the body of cholesterol, control blood sugars (glucose), regulate bowel function and feed gut bacteria. In fact, some of the bacteria that keep us healthy and virus free feed exclusively on fiber. If you plan on eating probiotics, you have to feed them once they are in your gut!

Want to increase your fiber intake without uncomfortable gas and bloating? There are several different types of fiber and ways to eat them that will lessen those common symptoms. Try increasing the amount of fiber in your diet slowly. This gives your gut time to increase the right bacteria to help digest all of that fiber.

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