Staying Active in the Fall

It’s easy to let your summer activity level lower as the weather starts to get colder and the mornings start to get darker. But as the leaves change color, so should your activities!

Get outside, enjoy the colors, crunch the leaves with your
boots, and work these simple tips into your routine to help you stay active through the season.

Watching your kids at soccer practice? Try adding in
some laps around the track! Bonus: those cold mornings are a lot more bearable when you get your blood pumping!

Plan your workouts in advance- Make an appointment
for yourself and put it on your calendar. This helps avoid the “ran out of time” excuse we are all guilty of.

Wear reflective gear or carry a flashlight for evening
walks or runs. Daylights saving time has nothing on you! Safety first!

Enjoy some apple picking, pumpkin carving, or
walking around a pumpkin patch- all will give you
great cardio! Plus, you can reward yourself with awesome pies afterwards!

Enjoy a walk or bike ride among the fall foliage. Here in the northwest we are surrounded by amazing outdoor areas. Grab a neighbor and head out around your community, or pack the kids in the car and head to the mountains for a hike.

Whatever your favorite activity is, don’t let the bustle of fall keep you from enjoying it! Have fun!

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