Blue Friday – RET Style #GoHawks!

From the 12th flag hanging in the gym to the towel buckets sporting a hawk decal- our RET team bleeds Blue and Green. As a Washington based, locally owned, neighborhood company it’s no wonder our hearts stay true to Seattle sports teams. Most notably, our beloved Seattle Seahawks.

On Fridays in fall you can bet you’ll find our team dressed in their blue best for #BlueFriday but even during the week we find ways to incorporate the spirit of #BlueFriday into our daily routine.

Our Totem Lake Physical Therapy team in Kirkland recently welcomed San Francisco native, Matt Nervino DPT, to the family. A die hard 49ers fan, Matt has been showing us how he incorporates love for both teams for #BlueFriday using our gym equipment. Don’t worry, it won’t be long until we have him in a hawks jersey.

Thanks Matt for sharing with us what all of those strange blue gym things are and how they help you work with your patients on their road to happier, healthier lives.


Theraputty: strengthen hands


Airex and Bosu Ball: Both used for improving balance


Ankle Weights: knee and hip strength


Cushy Air Ball: Hip Strength


Theracane: self massage to release trigger points


Balloon: coordination and movements of wrist and elbow


Theratube: shoulder and rotator cuff


Heavy Med/Medicine Ball: throw and catch for balance or squats



Jam Ball/ Heavy Medicine Ball: core strengthening


Ice: 20 minutes while elevating after activity to decrease swelling

Always consult your medical provider before starting a physical therapy regiment.

Go Hawks! #BlueFriday


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