Happy Summer Feet

Nothing is better after a long rainy Northwest spring than the first signs of summer! Summer means flip-flops, sandals, strappy heels and best of all, letting our feet bask in their new found barefoot freedom.

For many of us, this freedom comes at a price; it even has a name; “tendonitis”.

One key component to avoiding or at best-minimizing tendonitis is to recognize the early signs and symptoms. By doing so, you can often avoid a long and painful recovery, ruining your chances of a great summer.

Some early signs and symptoms of tendonitis include:

  • A bright red big toe
  • Toes that are painful when bent at 45 degrees
  • Extreme foot fatigue by the end of the day
  • Localized heel pain
  • Pain when you take your first wake up in the morning
  • Previous injuries
  • Existing conditions (such as bunions or arthritis)
  • Body weight
  • Fitness level
  • And foot strength

All of these play a role in whether you can support your foot with less dependence on the shoe. The key is to recognize the connection between the onset of symptoms and recent changes to less supportive or broken-down footwear.

Here are a few simple steps to reduce your chance of developing tendonitis of the foot:

  • Change your shoe types throughout the day; giving your feet and tendons a micro rest
  • Buy two identical shoes and rotate them throughout the day; giving your shoes a chance to reabsorb air in the sole and improve shock absorption.
  • Ice at the end of the day
  • Schedule a foot assessment with one of our Physical Therapists

If you find yourself developing symptoms, have questions about your foot type or need advice about particular footwear, contact any of our Locally Owned Neighborhood Clinics. Don’t ignore the pain; with minor changes and guidance from one our trained Physical Therapist, your feet can be pain-free. We’re here to help.

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