Prenatal / Postpartum Massage

The goal of prenatal or pregnancy massage therapy is to promote overall health and prepare a pregnant woman physically and psychologically for labor.

Therapeutic massage has been used for centuries to improve overall health, reduce stress and relieve muscle tension.  Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can relieve muscle and join pain, decrease anxiety and assist in creating a positive labor experience.

Many health insurance companies cover massage therapy with a referral from your physician or OB/GYN and we are happy to assist you with determining your benefits.

Our rates for pregnancy massage are $70 per hour for cash payment at the time of service, some of the lowest rates on the Eastside for a wonderful massage therapy session!

Common Benefits of Prenatal Massage


Massage therapy may also be used as a treatment technique as part of your Prenatal Physical Therapy treatment.  Click here to learn more about how Physical Therapy can help reduce pain and improve function during your pregnancy.

- Participating Clinics -

These neighborhood physical therapy clinics provide Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapy, click to schedule an appointment or learn more.

Kirkland (Totem Lake Physical Therapy)
Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)
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