Manual Therapy is a form of physical therapy in which the primary tool used by the therapist is his/her hands. Manual therapists identify problems by observation and touch. These manual techniques can produce fast results and allow for immediate feedback. This immediate feedback helps the therapist determine which structures are contributing to the pain. The therapist will put pressure on the muscle tissue and manipulate joints with the purpose of decreasing pain caused by muscle spasm, muscle tension and joint dysfunction. Our therapists are interested in why a muscle or a joint isn’t functioning properly, manual therapy greatly aids in identifying specific functional limitations. Manual therapy techniques have proven to help in the restorations of these dysfunctions. Exercises will be used to complement the patient’s manual therapy to help ensure the return of full function to the patient.

- Participating Clinics -

These neighborhood physical therapy clinics provide Manual Therapy, click to schedule an appointment or learn more.

Aquatic Therapy Center
Arlington (Reaction Physical Therapy)
Bellevue (Crossroads Physical Therapy)
Bellevue (Washington Hand Therapy)
Bothell (Bothell Physical Therapy)
Burien (Burien Physical Therapy)
Gig Harbor (Source Therapy)
Issaquah (Lake Sammamish Physical Therapy)
Kirkland (Totem Lake Physical Therapy)
Lake Stevens (Reaction Physical Therapy)
Lynnwood (Reaction Physical Therapy)
Mercer Island (Mercer Island Physical Therapy)
North Bend (North Bend Physical Therapy)
Puyallup (Meridian Physical Therapy)
Puyallup (South Hill)
Puyallup (Summit)
Puyallup (Sunrise)
Redmond (Eastside Physical Therapy)
Renton (Washington Hand Therapy)
Seattle (Northgate Physical Therapy)
Seattle (South Lake Union Physical Therapy)
Seattle (University Physical Therapy)
Smokey Point / Marysville (Reaction Physical Therapy)
Snoqualmie (Snoqualmie Physical Therapy)
Tacoma (Tacoma Central Physical Therapy)
University Place Physical Therapy
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