Common questions and answers about RET custom orthotics.

What are RET custom Orthotics?

RET custom orthotics are shoe inserts that are used to enhance a foot’s function, reduce pain and improve alignment.

Why would I consider custom orthotics?

If you have ever experienced foot pain, knee pain or low back pain the source may be from your feet. The foot is your first contact with the ground when you are walking, running, jumping or rising from a chair.  If your foot is not functioning properly it can result in foot pain, knee pain, back pain or compensations in your running or walking gait.

For example,

A pronated or flat foot can lead to knee pain because it causes the knee to weight bear more forcefully on the inside which can wear on the knee cartilage. This can result in compensations in the hips and low back.  Orthotics can improve your foots function and reduce the forces on the inside of the knee which keeps the hip and back in alignment.

A supinated foot or high arch can result in plantar fasciitis, increased chance for an ankle sprain and destructive gait compensations. Orthotics with the proper support can improve your foots function which can eliminate plantar fasciitis pain, prevent ankle sprains and improve your foot mechanics during walking.

There are many foot types and foot functions, let your physical therapist tell you about the unique structure of your feet and how a custom orthotic may help.

Why choose RET custom orthotics over the competition?

Our orthotics are made by taking very specific measurements of your feet, determining your foot type and then observing your walking style.

Once we know your foot type, foot angles, walking style and compensations we can create the casts. The casts are made by using a ceramic style wrap with your foot in a non-weight bearing and neutral position. This ensures that when the cast is created, your foot is not allowed to move into the position of compensation, which is likely the reason you need orthotics in the first place.  Once we have the casts of your foot we then send it to a padorthist with specifications for your orthotic.

Once the orthotics are in the office, you are called for an orthotic fitting.  We check the orthotic very carefully against your foot to ensure that the orthotic fits well and is properly constructed.

How do I know if I need custom orthotics?

Once your physical therapist has examined your foot, he or she will make a recommendation on whether or not you would benefit from a custom orthotic.  It is not uncommon for your therapist to recommend a different shoe or an over the counter shoe insert instead of a custom orthotic. We only recommend custom orthotics if we think they will be the best solution to your situation.

Why are RET orthotics different than other orthotics?

Our orthotics are not done until they are right. We not only check the orthotics against your feet to ensure a proper fit, but we also alter the orthotics in the clinic to produce the right fit. Creating a precise orthotic is a processes and we check and re-check them until your foot functions well, they fit comfortably and you are happy.

Will RET orthotics help my tired and painful feet?

Yes.  Your RET orthotics are fit specifically to your foot in order to distribute the pressure evenly throughout your foot. This helps to improve your foot’s biomechanical function which allows you to use your foot efficiently and therefore reduces pain.

Will RET orthotics help my plantar fascitis pain?

Yes.  Plantar fasciitis pain is due to repedative over stretch of the plantar fascia caused by your foot type and gait style.   RET custom orthotics reduce the over stretch by positioning your foot in the best mechanical position in order to enhance function and improve gait.

Will RET orthotics prevent injuries?

Yes.  Many people get foot, knee, hip and back injuries because of the stress being placed on their joints due to improper foot function.  This can happen to anyone ranging from the regular person to the competitive athlete.  Foot function is improved with custom orthotics which puts less stress on your feet, knees, hips and back thus preventing injury.

Will RET orthotics prevent ankle sprains

Yes. Some foot types are more likely to sprain and if you have already at least one ankle sprain, your chances of a second area greatly increased. Orthotics balance your foot and prevent you from putting too much force or weight on the outside of your foot, which prevents lateral ankle sprains.

Will RET orthotics get me back to sport faster?

Yes. If you have plantar fasciitis, chronic ankle strains, foot pain, knee pain or a low back injury; orthotics allow you to heal faster by improving your alignment. Good alignment creates the best environment for your body to heal. The faster you are able to heal, the faster you can get back to your sport or activity.

Can people with diabetes benefit from RET custom orthotics?

Yes.  People with diabetes often have compromised sensation in their feet which puts them at increased risk for sores or foot injury. RET custom orthotics are be made with a very soft covering for neuropathies which reduces  rubbing and increases cushion while keeping your foot in alignment. This prevents any injury that may occur because you simply cannot feel your feet as well.


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