Patient Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for choosing RET Physical Therapy Group. Your complete satisfaction is important to us. Please take a moment to complete this brief survey. We appreciate your feedback. All feedback received will be kept strictly confidential and used to ensure total satisfaction on future visits.

Strongly Agree (5) Strongly Disagree (1)


  1. I was greeted courteously on the phone
    and at the front desk.
  2. My questions posed were answered to
    my expectations.
  3. I found it easy to schedule for the times and days
    I wanted/needed.
  4. The reception area was kept clean and organized.

Treatment (Therapist)

  1. My therapist spent the right amount of time with me.
  2. My questions posted to the receptionist
    were answered to expectations.
  3. My therapist treated me respectfully.
  4. My therapist listened and answered
    my concerns and questions.
  5. I am completely satisfied with the services received
    from my therapist.

Support Staff (Aide/Exercise Tech)

  1. Support staff was knowledgeable and professional.
  2. I was comfortable with progression of excercises
    during treatment.
  3. My home exercise program was explained
    to my satisfaction.
  4. Support staff was attentive, respectful
    and understanding.
  5. Gym/Treatment rooms were kept clean and
    organized to my level of expectation.

Overall *

I would recommend this RET Physical Therapy clinic.


What you were most satisfied with during your time at the clinic?

What we can do to make future visits to our clinic more pleasant?

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