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By appointment only. Last appointment scheduled one hour before closing to allow for appropriate treatment time.

Meridian Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic is an orthopedic outpatient clinic located in Puyallup that is a part of the Meridian Rehabilitation Center.   We are conveniently located near Good Samaritan Hospital and the Puyallup Fairgrounds just off of highway 512.  Our clinic offers skilled staff who value our patients and their care providers best interests.

The staff at Meridian Physical Therapy is knowledgeable in manual techniques to maximize joint alignment, stability, and mobility of the spine and extremities. These manual skills include: cross-friction massage, myofascial release, soft tissue mobilizations, joint mobilizations, and muscle energy techniques. Postural education, ergonomics, body mechanics, injury prevention, neurological reeducation, coordination exercises, core strengthening, strength training and flexibility, range of motion movements are provided in the clinic and for home use to maximize the attainment of your goals.

Pain relief techniques and modalities such as hot/cold packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, support wraps, iontophoresis, and/or traction may be received along with the tools for prevention. We work with all goals and expectations to achieve optimal outcomes while promoting a safe and comfortable environment.

Same Day Appointments Available.  Call to schedule today (253) 841-3041.


– Lymphedema Treatment –

Lymphedema is an abnormal accumulation of fluid between the skin and muscles of the body after the lymphatic system has been damaged. The accumulation of fluid in the affected area causes swelling. Treating Lymphedema with Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) consists of three components of treatment for lymphedema, including; manual lymph drainage (MLD), compression therapy, and exercise. All components are integral parts of a lymphedema treatment program.  We are Puyallup’s Lymphedema specialists and offer a Lymphedema Treatment program which helps alleviate pain and swelling associated with Lymphedema.


– Aquatic (Pool) Therapy –

Aquatic therapy is a well established and very successful form of physical therapy treatment.  This program has incorporated the properties of buoyancy and resistance with warm water (90 degrees) to help diminish the effects of an injury or disease.  Our aquatic physical therapists have extensive training and experience specific to pool therapy. For more information on aquatic therapy treatment click here.


– Work Therapy / Industrial Rehabilitation –

Meridian Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive industrial rehabilitation program with the goal of returning injured workers to their jobs quickly and safely.  Our industrial rehabilitation program is a multi-disciplinary program, where injured workers work with both occupational therapy, as well as physical therapy.  We offer a variety of industrial rehabilitation services, all designed to return the injured worker to work.  Services include Physical Capacity Evaluations, work conditioning and work hardening programs.


- Services -

Puyallup (Meridian) provides expert care for a wide range of conditions, click the links below to learn more or call to schedule with a Physical Therapist.

Aquatic Therapy
Athletic Rehabilitation
Back Care
Balance Training/ Fall Prevention
Biomechanical Evaluation
Chiropractic – On Site
Elbow and Wrist Care
Epley Maneuver/ Vestibular Rehabilitation
Foot and Ankle Care
Gait Training
Hip Care
Industrial / Work Rehabilitation
Kinesio Taping
Knee Care
Lymphedema Treatment
Manual Therapy
Massage Therapy
Motor Vehicle Injuries
Neck Care
Nutrition Counseling
Occupational Therapy
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Pediatric Physical Therapy: Ages 6-21
Personal Training
Posture and Body Mechanics Training
Shoulder Care
Spinal Rehabilitation
Sports Specific Therapy and Rehabilitation
Work Conditioning
Work Therapy and Rehabilitation

- Staff -

Bill Bio3

Bill Pfister, Jr., MPT, CLT

Physical Therapist, Clinic Director William R. Pfister Jr. received his Bachelor's of Science in kinesiology with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy from California State University Hayward. There he played collegiate basketball and earned an Academic All-American award. He then went on to receive his master's in Physical Therapy from Rutgers University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. His training includes neurological rehabilitation, acute care, pediatrics, and orthopedics with an emphasis in brachioplexopathy rehabilitation. He spent two and a half years practicing orthopedic physical therapy and helping manage a private outpatient clinic in Fremont, CA. Bill has successfully completed his certification in the Vodder technique of manual lymph drainage (MLD) and complete decongestive therapy (CDT).  The Vodder technique is a highly advanced technique based on solid scientific research and includes all components of MLD/CDT. As the Managing Director of Meridian Physical Therapy and Athletic Rehabilitation, he brings expertise in orthopedic manual physical therapy and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pathologies.
  • Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology from California State University
  • Masters in Physical Therapy from Rutgers University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey
John Bio

John Payne, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist John received his B.S. from Brigham Young University in Exercise Physiology. He then went on to receive a Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of Utah. He moved to Washington where he worked in a private practice in outpatient orthopedics and then returned to the University of Utah a year later to complete a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. John has worked in outpatient orthopedics for 12 years and has recently become a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS). He enjoys employing manual therapy skills with exercise and movement to help his patients restore their active life styles. He has worked in management positions and begun a  work conditioning/work hardening program. John is a busy father of four and enjoys the outdoors; hiking and camping when he can but most of his time he can be found working on home improvement projects around his house.
  • Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Physiology from Brigham Young University
  • Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Utah
Craig Faeth bio

Craig Faeth, PT, ATC, FAFS, CSCS

Physical Therapist Craig has been practicing rehabilitation for nearly 25 years as an ATC and Physical Therapist.  He has an enthusiasm for functionally based physical therapy to rehabilitate movement dysfunction and improve performance, and quality of life. Craig earned his Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Westmont College, a Master's degree in Exercise Science from Ohio State University, and his Master's in Physical Therapy from the University of South Dakota Medical School. Craig has also been fellowship trained in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation. Craig was born and raised in Southern California, where he met his wife Amy. They moved to Washington in 2004 with their daughter, Aria, and their son, Quinn, was soon to follow.
Jennifer Ironside, PT Bio

Jennifer Ironside, DPT

Physical Therapist Jennifer received her Bachelor's of Science in Biology and Psychology from Pacific Lutheran University in 2006. She was a member of the PLU Women's Soccer team and worked in the athletic training room while at PLU. Jenny ventured to Arlington, VA, to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Marymount University in 2011. Jenny enjoys working with all types of sports injuries and orthopedic rehab. She also has a strong interest in pediatric rehab.  Jenny believes in educating and empowering patients through the rehabilitation process. Jenny continues to play soccer and enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband and their dog Max.  Jenny is also a Sounders FC supporter and can be found chanting at most home games.
  • Bachelor's of Science in Biology & Psychology from Pacific Lutheran University
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Marymount University
Lynda White, PT Bio

Lynda White, PT, MBA

Physical Therapist Lynda graduated from the University of Washington in 1993, with her Bachelors in Physical Therapy. She specializes in work conditioning, work hardening, functional capacity evaluations, ergonomic assessments, and early intervention programs onsite for employers. Her philosophy is that early intervention is the key to the successful prevention of work related musculoskeletal disorders and that it often requires a simple change to prevent an ache or pain from becoming a full-fledged injury. Lynda is passionate about helping her patients avoid on the job injuries by providing education about self-care techniques, which include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, safe work practices in addition to stretching/strengthening activities. She enjoys problem-solving and developing targeted treatment sessions designed for each individual’s rehabilitation needs. Lynda is an urban farmer who loves working in her organic garden, growing vegetables and sharing them with her neighbors. She also delights in birding, collecting yard art, weekend road trips and spending time with her family and two dogs.
  • Bachelors in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington in 1993
  • Master's degree in Business Administration in 2005
Jackie Frank PTA Bio

Jackie Frank, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant Jackie Frank received her Bachelor’s of Science from Pacific Lutheran University in 2007, with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy. While at PLU, Jackie was a four-year letter winner in women’s soccer, as well as one-year letter winner in track and field. After graduating from PLU, Jackie attended Green River Community College where she earned her Physical Therapist Assistant degree. She has clinical experience in outpatient orthopedic, skilled nursing, and inpatient physical therapy settings. Jackie has successfully completed her certification in the Vodder technique of manual lymph drainage (MLD) and complete decongestive therapy (CDT).  The Vodder technique is a highly advanced technique based on solid scientific research and includes all components of MLD/CDT. In her free time, Jackie enjoys playing ball with her doggie, Kona and hanging out with her friends and family!
  • Bachelor's of Science from Pacific Lutheran University in Seattle 2007
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Degree from Green River Community College
Alastair Fraser, PTA Bio

Alastair Fraser, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant Alastair earned his PTA degree in January of 2012. He has had an interest in physical therapy and biomechanics for many years, spending time prior to PTA school learning about biology and kinesiology from research articles and texts.  Alastair continues his learning by keeping up to date with new research and ideas being used in the PT and sports science fields. He likes to bring a positive energy and exercise focus to his treatments in an effort to not only improve his client's condition, but encourage a lifestyle of improved physcical condition. When not at the clinic, Alastair enjoys spending time with his young daughter, playing softball, cycling or talking football.
Toni Ruth, PTA Bio

Toni Ruth, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant Toni Ruth received her Physical Therapist Assistant degree from Green River Community College in 2011, and since, has found her calling to be focused in an outpatient orthopedic setting. She has maintained a diverse background working with a variety of settings including: outpatient orthopedics, skilled nursing/geriatric, industrial rehabilitation, pain management, and aquatics. In her free time she enjoys being active in athletics, arts and crafts, going to sporting events (GO HAWKS!), and spending time with family and friends.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Degree from Green River Community College, 2011
Katrina Brukholder, OT Bio

Katrina Burkholder, OT

Katrina has had the honor of practicing the art and science of Occupational Therapy since 1988. She has worked in various settings: hand therapy, geriatric rehab, mental health, home health, outpatient clients, ergonomic workplace adaptations and rehab team management. Currently she is working towards earning her hand therapy certification but enjoys learning about all aspects of human healing and potential. Katrina sees her career as an opportunity to improve and educate the health practices of her clients. When not working or studying, Katrina loves to spend time with her husband and family.

- Testimonials -

“ I started coming to Meridian Physical Therapy after suffering a really large contusion on my left calf after being struck with a baby gate.  I was having a lot of pain walking and running and even putting any pressure on the back of my leg, for example squatting down, climbing in and out of bed, etc.  After 3 weeks of sessions I am running without pain and my contusion is almost completely healed.  I appreciate Bill and all the staff here for helping me get back to my normal self in such a short amount of time.  I would definitely recommend Meridian Physical Therapy to anyone.  I also appreciate Dr. Dan Haun for referring me to Bill and his practice.  ”-Michelle
“ Left elbow surgery.  My elbow was in so much pain, zero movement, I was afraid to even use my left arm.  Picking anything up was tough.  My left arm is doing just fine now, due to the staff at Meridian Physical Therapy.  They worked with me at my pace and did everything to help me improve...I would tell friends, family and even strangers about the great staff here.  Thanks a Million! ”-Roger
“I injured my neck and shoulder at work and was having a hard time recovering.  My doctor had sent me to physical therapy and massage at another PT office, but I was not able to return to work and I was experiencing significant pain.  I had to take pain medication, I was unable to care for my house, go grocery shopping, care for my 3 boys, care for my brother who is handicapped, or work my job as a surgical nurse.  My doctor and case manager decided to put me in the work conditioning program at Meridian Physical Therapy.  It was a very hard program for me.  Five days a week, two hours a day, it was painful and VERY empotional...but it worked.  I can now go grocery shopping and clean my house.  I can keep up with my three boys (11, 8, and 6 years old). My brother is back at my house.  I can get his wheelchair in and out of his van, wheel him up and down a step, across the yard, transfer, and care for him.  Most of all I can work without pain and pay the bills to support my family doing the job that I love.  I really thought I would not be able to work as a nurse again.  I am so happy to have strength again and have my life back.”-Tiara
“ Since coming to Meridian PT for neck pain I've had fewer flare-ups and less pain.  I feel that continuing to apply what I've learned I will continue to improve the mobility issues as well as strength through exersice.  I would absolutely recommend Meridian Physical Therapy to anyone who needs a physical therapist that will listen to what your body needs and help you heal in a caring and competent manner.  I am so thankful to my therapist for helping me to understand my injury and its effects on my body.  Thank You! ”-Sonya